As an organization focused primarily on achieving policy change, the National Women's Law Center represents individuals in only a small number of civil legal cases each year, but we may be able to provide you with information, guidance, or referrals.

The Center's expertise centers primarily on sex discrimination. If your situation does not relate to an issue involving sex discrimination, we may not be able to advise you and will instead direct you to another resource. We generally cannot assist in cases of medical malpractice, divorce and custody, child support, or domestic violence.

If you are having trouble getting birth control or other important women's health needs met without a co-pay or out-of-pocket costs, as required by law, visit or call our free hotline at 1-866-745-5487.

If you would like to contact us about a civil legal matter, please fill out the form below and give us some details about your situation. A Center representative will be in touch with you.

The National Women's Law Center is not a general legal aid provider, public defender’s office or legal aid service. We have provided some contact information below on for these types of organizations in your state or region. You may also wish to contact one or more of the following organizations or government agencies. Please note, however, that by providing these links to other websites we are not endorsing or approving of the information or products offered on those sites.

Federal Agencies

Department of Education Office for Civil Rights
Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights
Department of Labor
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

General Resources

Lawyer Referral

American Bar Association
National Bar Association
National Employment Lawyers Association
National Legal Aid Directory
Directory of Local Bar Associations – many have hotline and helpline services

Domestic Violence

National Network to End Domestic Violence find-a-lawyer service
ABA Commission on Domestic Violence
Volunteer Lawyer's Project

Divorce, Custody, and Child Support
Note: As a first resource for legal assistance for divorce, custody, and child support, please contact your local Legal Aid bureau or local bar association lawyer referral service.

Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement


The National Women's Law Center receives many requests for assistance each day. Therefore, it may take some time for someone from our organization to respond to your inquiry. We appreciate your patience.

All questionnaires will be treated confidentially. We will not share or sell your information. We will only use your email address or phone number to respond to you directly.

This form is for use by the National Women's Law Center to evaluate your request for assistance. It does not mean that we have agreed to represent you. You are still responsible for meeting any filing deadlines associated with your claims.

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