The judges appointed to our federal courts will shape women’s legal rights far into the future. It’s critical that judges are fair-minded and understand the intent of the law and its real impact on women’s lives.

What’s at Stake Today

Every day, courts are asked to hear cases that will have a major effect on the lives and rights of women and families. Judges need to be available, and much is riding on the courts’ decisions, from the right to privacy to equal opportunities in the workplace and schools. It’s essential that the federal bench has well-qualified, diverse judges who will consider each case fairly and reach well-reasoned decisions based in the law.

What Is NWLC Doing?

We’re leading the way in promoting a fair and independent judiciary. We’re involved in every step of the nomination process, and we advocate strongly for a well-qualified judiciary that is diverse ― including by gender and race. Further, we strongly support the timely consideration of judicial nominees by the Senate to ensure the court system isn’t crippled by vacancies for years on end.

With so much riding on the courts’ decisions, it’s up to all of us to urge the nomination of judges who will rule fairly in the cases that affect the lives of women and their families, and that their nominations are acted upon in a timely way.