Ultimately, it’s up to the Supreme Court to interpret the Constitution and laws that affect the legal rights of women. These nine Justices consider cases that will impact generations ― and their importance can’t be overstated.

What’s at Stake Today

In recent years, the Supreme Court has taken on issues ranging from birth control coverage to equal pay to sexual harassment, as well as other vital issues that have a major impact on the lives of women and their families. Many other hugely significant cases will be considered in future terms. We’ve got to ensure that the Supreme Court that considers these cases is working at full strength and will consider these cases fairly.

What Is NWLC Doing?

When vacancies arise on the Supreme Court, we advocate for a fair and expeditious process. When a nominee is selected, we work to assure that Justices who are confirmed understand the purpose of the laws and their real impact on the lives of women and their families ― and whose experiences and perspectives will add diversity to the Court to reach better and more reasoned decisions.

We also represent and press for women’s hard-won legal rights under the Constitution and federal statues in the courts, and undertake public education about the scope and significance of these legal protections and the need to advance them.