A federal law, Title IX, makes it illegal for schools to discriminate against students because of their sex ― which means that girls have the same right to play as boys.

What’s at Stake Today

Under Title IX, schools have to treat their students equally, regardless of sex. Title IX has opened a lot of doors for female athletes ― but many schools across the country still refuse to provide equal opportunities for girls to participate in sports. Girls of color in particular have far fewer chances to play sports and, when they do play, they have fewer resources.

What Is NWLC Doing?

Since Title IX became the law in 1972, we’ve been working nonstop to make sure girls are treated fairly in school athletics programs.

We take to the courts to ensure that schools provide female athletes with equal access to athletic opportunities. We fight back when schools try to weaken their enforcement of Title IX protections. We advocate for federal policies to make sure schools are reporting accurate numbers on their student athletes so we can hold them accountable to the law.

We’ve come a long way already ― and we’ll keep working just as hard until all girls have a fair chance to reap the many benefits of playing sports.