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Have you experienced discrimination from a hospital or other health care employer because you provide abortion or support abortion access?


Health care providers sometimes find themselves in conflict with employers due to their support for or provision of abortion. Are you among them? Has an employer denied you a promotion, demoted you, fired you, rescinded a job offer, or threatened to take these or other adverse employment actions against you because:

  • You support abortion access?
  • You provide abortion or support the provision of abortion at another health care facility?
  • You volunteer for a support service related to abortion, like an abortion fund or counseling hotline?
  • You have spoken or want to speak publicly in support of abortion access?
  • You participated in research relating to abortion?

Health care providers are also often asked to sign contracts that restrict their ability to provide abortion elsewhere or support abortion. Do you have, or are you considering, a contract that prevents you from moonlighting in abortion-related services or otherwise constrains your ability to provide or speak out about abortion?

Even outside of an employment relationship, health care providers can face adverse action because of their support for abortion. Have you ever been denied privileges or been denied admission to a training or study program for any of the above reasons?

Contact the National Women’s Law Center

If any of these things have happened to you, please contact the National Women’s Law Center. We would like to hear your story. We can talk to you about the federal and state laws that offer protection to health care providers who have faced such discrimination. We may be able to take action to help protect you. Please contact:


Noel León, Counsel, National Women’s Law Center



Published On: October 4, 2016Associated Issues: Abortion
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