The Legal Network for Gender Equity and TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund hosted a webinar on Recent Developments in State and Federal Legislation and Litigation Affecting LGBTQI+ Students,” on September 14, 2023.   

This webinar addressed the following topics:   

  • The political and cultural context surrounding the rise of anti-LGBTQI+ policies targeting students and youth  
  • An overview of recent state-level legislation and related litigation affecting LGBTQI+ youth, including athletic bans, gender affirming care bans, and “bathroom bills” 
  • Recent developments in federal law and how this will impact administrative enforcement 


  • Julie Gonen (she/ her), Federal Policy Director, National Center for Lesbian Rights 
  • Anya Marino (she/ her), Director of LGBTQI Equality, National Women’s Law Center 
  • Auden Perino (they/ them), Senior Counsel, National Women’s Law Center 
  • Lizzy Vogel (she/her), Senior Counsel, Legal Network for Gender Equity & TIMES UP Legal Defense Fund, National Women’s Law Center (Moderator)  

Copies of the slides are available for download on this page.