For young parents, parenthood isn’t the end of the road. It’s essential that pregnant and parenting students not only have equal access to education, but also receive support to help them succeed in school.

What’s at Stake Today

Many young parents are eager to focus on their education. Unfortunately, though, there are often barriers in place that can thwart students’ drive and determination to keep up their schoolwork. Many schools punish students for their pregnancies, bar them from activities, or even kick them out of school. As a result, becoming pregnant or a parent are major causes of dropping out.

What Is NWLC Doing?

Federal law guarantees pregnant and parenting students an equal right to an education ― and we’re fighting to make sure schools follow the law and give their students the education they deserve.

Under Title IX, pregnant and parenting students are promised equal access to schools and activities. Any separate programs for pregnant or parenting students must be completely voluntary, and schools must excuse absences that are due to pregnancy or childbirth.

We also advocate for federal, state, and local policies and programs to enforce the law and help pregnant and parenting students get the support they need. We offer resources to schools, advocates and service providers who work directly with youth. Together, we can ensure that pregnant and parenting students graduate ready to go on to college and careers.