Help Us Fight Back Against Efforts to Roll Back Gender Justice

Extremist judges will not stop endangering the lives of pregnant people or people who may become pregnant—overturning Roe v. Wade, attacking medication abortion, threatening the future of IVF, and this week at SCOTUS, emergency abortion care.

Our lawyers are waging strategic fights that make clear what is at stake for people who can become pregnant and seek to bolster our fundamental rights to control our lives, futures, and destinies.

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EMTALA Rally at the Supreme Court: Abortion Always, Abortion Is Health Care

Raise your voice, show your support, and help us safeguard emergency medical care for all on April 24, 2024!

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Tell the Senate: Confirm Judges Committed to Expanding Civil Rights

There are 56 federal judicial vacancies and 30 nominations before the Senate right now—as the rights of pregnant people continue to be stripped away, the Biden administration and the Senate must not delay in nominating and confirming judges!

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Tell the Department of Education: Restore Civil Rights Protections for ALL Students

If the Biden administration does not finalize new Title IX regulations, then students will likely be forced to continue suffering under the harmful DeVos regulations for another semester.

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The Supreme Court Needs an Ethical Code of Conduct

Tell Congress to pass the Judicial Ethics and Anti-Corruption Act to ensure the highest court in the land is making decisions fairly and impartially.

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Tell Congress: Support the Schedules That Work Act and the Part-Time Worker Bill of Rights

Together, these bills will improve job quality for millions of people across the country–especially women and people of color–and help create more fair and equitable workplaces for everyone.

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Tell Congress: Save Child Care Now!

Tell your elected officials to prioritize and invest in child care as they debate emergency funding and annual spending bills.

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Tell Congress: Stop Protecting Tax Cuts for Billionaires

We need to tell Congress to stop caving to the demands of an extremist minority and to reject tax breaks for billionaires.

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Tell the Senate: Confirm Julie Su as the Next Secretary of Labor!

Workers are in desperate need of a leader who will fight for their rights, advocate for stronger worker protections, and work to build a more just and equitable society.

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Tell Congress: Support the BE HEARD in the Workplace Act

It’s time for Congress to act—we demand workplaces that ensure equality, safety, and dignity for all!

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