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Hold Justice Clarence Thomas Accountable

Tell Congress to investigate the reporting on Justice Thomas and mandate that the Supreme Court and federal judiciary have a strong enforceable code of conduct with transparency and accountability measures to hold judges accountable.

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Tell the Senate: Confirm Julie Su as the Next Secretary of Labor!

Workers are in desperate need of a leader who will fight for their rights, advocate for stronger worker protections, and work to build a more just and equitable society.

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Tell Your Senators: Confirm Judicial Nominees Julie Rikelman

We need as many fair-minded and impartial judges committed to equal justice on the bench as possible!

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Tell the Senate: Confirm Kalpana Kotagal as EEOC Commissioner

Workers need a civil rights champion at the EEOC.

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Tell Congress: Support the BE HEARD in the Workplace Act

It’s time for Congress to act—we demand workplaces that ensure equality, safety, and dignity for all!

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