Tell Congress: Build Back Better for Women and Families

Tell Congress that Building Back Better requires investments in women and families.

Tell Congress: Support the BE HEARD in the Workplace Act

It's time for Congress to act—we demand workplaces that ensure equality, safety, and dignity for all!

Tell Congress: Support the Women’s Health Protection Act

Congress needs to act to help ensure that people can get abortion care in their communities and that those who want to provide abortion care are able to do so.

Tell Congress: Fight for Child Care Funding

Tell Congress that we must build child care—not return to the status quo.

Tell the Senate: Vote to Support Pregnant Workers

Let's achieve a world where pregnant workers get the accommodations they need and keep their jobs.

Donate to NWLC

Your donation will provide the resources needed to seize opportunities for progress and overcome challenges facing women and families now and in the future.

Tell Congress: Pass the Equality Act Now!

Tell your Senators to pass the Equality Act to expand protections for LGBTQ people, women, and people of color.

Tell President Biden to Take the Lead on Equal Pay Now

The White House needs to act now to strengthen equal pay laws that will help close the gender wage gap and end pay discrimination, once and for all.

Tell Congress: Support the Access to Contraception for Servicemembers and Dependents Act

All service members and their families deserve no-cost birth control.

Tell President Biden: Fight for Abortion Access

You can't fight to protect abortion access if you won't even talk about it.

Tell Congress: Go Big on Child Care

Tell Congress that we must build child care—and not return to the status quo—with at least $700 billion over 10 years.

Thank a Child Care Provider

Thank a child care worker today, and tell us your story!

Show Your Support for Black Survivors

Sign the pledge to tell Black survivors: We see you, we support you, and we are with you in solidarity.

Tell Congress: Tax the Patriarchy

Tell your representatives that we need to use the tax code to proactively advance gender justice by enhancing the EITC and the CTC!

Tell Congress: Help Make the ERA a Reality

Gender equality doesn't have an expiration date. Tell your members of Congress to support the resolution to lift the deadline on ratifying the ERA.

Share Your Birth Control Story

If you have had problems getting birth control covered by your insurance, share your story with us today!

Tips & Tools for Offline Resistance

Learn how to engage effectively with members of Congress via town halls, meetings, local media, and more.