For students who are at risk of dropping out or who are pushed out of school ― many of whom are girls of color ― equal educational opportunities remain out of reach.

What’s at Stake Today

The need for change is clear. Gender and race stereotypes, as well as overly harsh discipline practices, play a significant role in girls’ dropout rates. They also contribute to poor academic performance and higher representation in the juvenile justice system. Many girls face huge obstacles in school, but the needs of vulnerable groups of girls are rarely talked about in the debate around education reform.

What Is NWLC Doing?

When girls’ educations are interrupted, there are startling, lifelong economic ramifications for them, their families, and the country as a whole. It’s time for all of us to push for education reforms that will improve graduation rates, along with college and career success, for all students.

A number of factors at the intersection of race and sex discrimination contribute to girls dropping out of school, but with better policies and practices, we can ensure the needs of girls of color are considered in the debates around education reform.

In addition to working to advance education policies that prioritize the needs of girls of color, we work with schools to help them create environments that will help students learn and help at-risk students ― especially girls ― get the support they need to prepare for their lives after high school.