Being able to get and use birth control is vital for women’s health and ability to plan and control their lives. But some politicians, bosses, and others are trying to prevent women from getting it.

What’s at Stake Today

We’ve made great strides in access to birth control, like getting insurance plans to cover it thanks to the health law. But barriers still remain. Insurance companies are flouting the law. Some bosses don’t want to cover it. And politicians are cutting critical birth control programs and trying to defund the clinics that provide birth control services to millions of Americans.

What Is NWLC Doing?

We are taking steps to ensure that birth control remains affordable and available. We are working with state legislatures and Congress to pass new laws that protect access to birth control. We are at the forefront of making sure women get insurance coverage of birth control as guaranteed by law.

We investigate and expose insurance companies that refuse to follow the law. We work with states and the federal government to make sure women get the birth control coverage they need. Our CoverHer campaign helps women who are having trouble getting their birth control covered, whether it’s because a pharmacy keeps charging co-pays for prescriptions or an employer says it won’t cover an IUD.

And we file amicus briefs in the courts and support legislation that would undo the damage caused by the Supreme Court in its Hobby Lobby decision, which allowed some bosses to take away birth control coverage.