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Attorneys: Join the Legal Network for Gender Equity

The Legal Network for Gender Equity connects individuals facing sex discrimination at work, at school, and as patients receiving health care with legal help. We do this in partnership with the attorneys in our Legal Network – a nationwide network of attorneys committed to helping people fight for their rights to be free from sexual harassment and other sex discrimination.


Join the Legal Network for Gender Equity

Attorneys may apply to join our Legal Network by completing a brief online application form, indicating the types of cases they work on and the states where they are licensed to practice.

How The Legal Network for Gender Equity Works:

  • Individuals who have experienced sex harassment or other sex discrimination, or related retaliation, in the workplace, at school, or as patients seeking health care complete our online intake form.
  • We send individuals the names of three attorneys in the Legal Network who practice in their state. Attorneys receive an email when their name has been provided to someone through the Legal Network.
  • The individual reaches out to the attorneys to discuss their situation. Legal Network attorneys then provide a free initial legal consultation to individuals connected to them through the Legal Network. At that consultation, the individual discusses their case and the attorney provides information and advice on possible next steps.
  • Legal Network attorneys are not required to represent individuals connected to them through this process; if the circumstances warrant it, however, we hope they do.
  • Legal Network attorneys may apply for funding from the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund to (1) defray costs and attorney’s fees in cases involving workplace sex harassment and related retaliation or for (2) public relations assistance relating to cases they are handling. More information about this funding and how to apply is available here (for legal matters) and here (for public relations assistance).
  • There is no cost to attorneys who become members of the Legal Network.
  • NWLC staff will occasionally reach out to Legal Network attorneys about cases and client stories that we would like to share publicly to advance our policy and advocacy initiatives; of course, we do this only with the permission of the attorney and client.
  • NWLC staff may also reach out to Legal Network attorneys with opportunities for attorneys to support state and federal policies that provide strengthened protections for individuals experiencing sex harassment and other forms of sex discrimination.

As a member of the Network:

  • You agree that we can provide your name and contact information to individuals who need legal help, identifying you as an attorney who practices in the individual’s geographic area and is willing to take on cases involving sex harassment and/or other sex discrimination.
  • You commit to providing free initial legal consultations to individuals connected to you through the Legal Network. Further, you commit to making your best effort to respond to an initial inquiry within five business days and to meeting with the individual within two weeks.
  • You agree to attend at least one training annually that addresses trauma-informed lawyering which can include those provided by the Legal Network.
  • You can take advantage of Legal Network and NWLC-sponsored legal trainings and informational resources.
  • Read more about what we expect from attorneys in the Legal Network here.

Apply to Join the Legal Network: