Adeel Mangi Is the Pro Bono Champion We Deserve on the Third Circuit

Third Circuit nominee Adeel Mangi is a pro bono champion for civil rights and the perfect choice for the federal bench. Mangi has spent over two decades at Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP where he currently serves as a partner at Patterson and was the youngest associate to ever make partner. But Mangi is not your typecast successful private practice attorney.  

Mangi has built an extensive pro bono practice focused on protecting the rights of LGBTQ people and immigrants. During his time at Patterson, he has devoted over 4,000 hours to pro bono service averaging out to around 173 hours a year, which is more than triple the amount reported by attorneys in The American Lawyer 2023 Pro Bono Scorecard.  

Pro bono work is critical to advancing gender justice and civil rights for underrepresented communities and protecting the rights of vulnerable people. Many gender justice and civil rights nonprofits owe a debt of gratitude to the incredible support received from pro bono partnerships. In the past five years, the National Women’s Law Center has partnered on over 290 projects, totaling 29 million dollars donated in-kind pro bono support. Our right to be free from discrimination is more accessible with amazing attorneys like Mangi who devote countless pro bono hours leveraging vast resources afforded to large private firms to support critical issues.  

Mangi has devoted years of pro bono work and community involvement to supporting the advancement of LGBTQ rights. In Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia, he represented a group of Muslim professional associations and advocacy organizations filing a brief supporting the civil rights of LGBTQ people facing employment discrimination. In 2011, Mangi was instrumental in the Muslim Bar Association of New York’s endorsement of marriage equality legislation in the state, which was the only faith-based bar association to do so. He has also spent multiple terms as an ally board member for the National LGBT Bar Association. Mangi’s unwavering dedication to fighting for LGBTQ rights demonstrates just how profoundly committed he is to equal justice for all.    

Mangi is a devoted pro bono champion and the right choice for the Third Circuit. His incredible pro bono work shows his deep commitment to equal justice for all and that he cares deeply about gender justice and civil rights. That is the kind of lawyer we deserve to have as a judge on our courts. Beyond his stellar experience and advocacy, if confirmed, Mangi would be the first Muslim American and Pakistani American to serve on a U.S. Court of Appeals. Mangi’s addition to the Third Circuit would bring the judiciary one step closer to reflecting the rich diversity of our country. With a judicial nominee this qualified for a critical vacancy, what is the Senate waiting for? The Senate needs to confirm Mangi today.