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Jenalyn Sotto

Director of Cross-Cutting Community Partnerships

Jenalyn Sotto is the Director of Cross-Cutting Community Partnerships. On behalf of the Center, she works with state advocates, local and state elected officials, and national partners to design and implement cross-cutting advocacy and policy work that advance gender justice for all. Jenalyn also leads the Center’s Pathway to Gender Justice Initiative which seeks to build an inclusive society by centering women and girls in 2020 and beyond.

Jenalyn has professional and academic expertise in federal, state, and local government; civil rights and racial justice; coalition-building; cross-cultural communications; and progressive policymaking. Her legislative experience includes mental health, voting rights, immigration, and diversity and inclusion. She is passionate about leveraging data and compelling narratives across all platforms to advance the best outcomes for all, especially marginalized and under-represented communities.

A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Jenalyn is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley where she received her dual Bachelor of Arts with honors in Rhetoric and Asian American Studies. When not working to dismantle systemic biases and replace them with enduring pipelines of access and inclusion, she can be found celebrating the culinary arts, enjoying musical theater, exploring new neighborhoods, and/or reading a good book.