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Executive Office

Fatima Goss Graves

President and CEO

Ms. Goss Graves, who has served in numerous roles at NWLC for more than a decade, has spent her career fighting to advance opportunities for women and girls. She has a distinguished track record working across a broad set of issues central to women’s lives, including income security, health and reproductive rights,…

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Nancy Withbroe

Chief of Staff

Nancy Withbroe, Chief of Staff, leads the Office of the President & CEO, guiding efforts to build and enhance the President & CEO’s external positioning and the strategic use of her time in service of the Law Center’s mission and priorities, and staffing the Boards of NWLC and its affiliates, the NWLC…

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Neena Chaudhry

Vice President & General Counsel

Neena Chaudhry, Vice President, General Counsel, and Senior Advisor for Education, provides in-house legal advice and representation to NWLC, NWLC Action Fund, and NWLC Fund LLC. She also works to protect the rights of women and girls to be free from sex discrimination in school. Ms. Chaudhry’s work focuses on girls who…

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Crystal Coache

Vice President for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Crystal Coache, Vice President for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging leads the law center’s work to foster an environment where people of all races, genders, abilities, nationalities, sexual orientations, sizes, and socioeconomic backgrounds, grow, belong, and thrive.  Leading professional development and learning, employee wellness, and people data and research to drive improvements,…

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Dawn Arteaga

Director of Organizational Effectiveness and Learning

Dawn Arteaga (she/her/hers), the Director of Organizational Effectiveness and Learning, guides organization-wide planning and evaluation efforts and strategies. Leveraging her expertise in strategic planning, research, evaluation, and organizational performance management, Dawn is charged with creating and adapting tools to monitor progress and ensure alignment and shared accountability toward achieving the strategic plan…

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Anna Cannady

DEIB Associate

Zina Dolan

Associate for the Office of the President

Uzma Chowdhury

Director of Internal Data & Research, DEIB

Uzma Chowdhury (she/hers) identifies as a sociologist researching love, and probably always has been, even if she didn’t know it yet! She has worked in race and gender theory and praxis for ten years. After studying race and gender creatively through literature and poetry, theoretically through sociology, and practically in public education,…

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Joanne Maldonado

Executive Assistant for the Office of the President

Olivia Keithley

Senior Manager of Professional Development & Learning

Olivia Keithley (she/her/hers) serves as the Manager of Professional Development and Learning on the DEIB team at the National Women’s Law Center. Olivia is responsible for coordinating the NWLC’s PD calendar, supporting staff in accessing learning opportunities, and designing and implementing DEI training sessions for staff. Prior to joining the NWLC, Olivia…

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Olivia Shestopal

Deputy Chief of Staff

Aimee Stewart

Deputy General Counsel

Aimee Krause Stewart, Deputy General Counsel, provides in-house legal advice and representation to NWLC, NWLC Action Fund, and NWLC Fund LLC. Prior to joining NWLC, Ms. Stewart served as Associate General Counsel for the Obama Foundation. Her legal experience also includes litigation practice at Sanford Heisler Sharp, LLP, where she advocated on…

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