Because women face economic insecurity throughout their lives and are more likely to be supporting families on their own, public benefits programs are especially important to women.

What’s at Stake Today

Public benefits programs are a form of social insurance for our working years. When times are tough, work is impossible, or wages aren’t enough–circumstances that are especially common for women–supports such as food, housing, and child care assistance, as well as refundable tax credits for working families, can help fill the gaps between inadequate income and the rising costs of food, rent, and raising children. These supports also further long-term economic mobility, improving health, education, and employment outcomes for individuals and families.

What Is NWLC Doing?

We advocate for strengthening key programs, including food and housing assistance, refundable tax credits, and child care assistance, that support the most economically insecure women and families and boost the economy for everyone. We show how these programs especially benefit women and lift families out of poverty–and how they can be made even more effective.

We also fight back against efforts to cut these essential programs, including by submitting comments opposing administrative proposals that will take benefits away from women, children, and families and opposing cuts in funding. And we support fair tax policies to finance needed investments.