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Jasmine Tucker

Vice President for Research

Jasmine Tucker is Vice President for Research at the National Women’s Law Center, where she oversees qualitative and quantitative research projects on a range of issues facing women throughout their lives. She has written extensively about women and the economy, the wage gap, Social Security, and more. Prior to this role, Jasmine…

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Marie Cole

Senior Analyst, Qualitative Research

Sarah Javaid

Research Fellow

Sarah is a research fellow working with a focus on reproductive rights and health. Sarah graduated with her Masters of Public Health focusing her research on pregnancy and birth health outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic, including mental health. She also worked for the University of Michigan conducting research exploring racial disparities in…

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Brooke LePage

Research Fellow

Brooke is a research fellow with a focus on education and workplace justice and sexual harassment. She works to address barriers to high-quality and safe education and workplaces for all women and girls. She is also a part-time Master of Public Policy Student at Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy. Prior…

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Shengwei Sun

Research Analyst, Income Security and Child Care

Shengwei Sun is Manager of Research at the National Women’s Law Center, where she works across program teams to build out quantitative research on Income Security and Child Care. Before joining the Center, Shengwei was a Senior Research Associate at the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, where she authored a series of…

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