Many working women and families are eligible for family tax credits that can help them make ends meet ― but only if they claim them on their tax returns.

What’s at Stake Today 

Federal and state tax credits can be worth thousands of dollars to working families. But taxes are confusing — and many families miss out because they don’t know how to claim the credits. That’s where our Tax Credits Outreach campaign comes in.

What Is NWLC Doing?

Each year, we help families put money back in their pockets by providing information on state and federal tax credits. Through our Tax Credits Outreach campaign, we partner with advocates and community leaders during tax season to make sure families know about the tax credits they’re eligible for and how they can claim them. We make fliers available in English, Spanish, and some other languages — and provide additional information for immigrant families and survivors of domestic violence.

Many families need help preparing and filing their tax returns. We offer resources for advocates working with families in their community to connect them with free tax preparation assistance.