For some pregnant women, getting the health care they need, from prenatal care to breastfeeding support, can be a challenge. Some women have even been charged with crimes for their actions while pregnant.

What’s at Stake Today

Under the health care law, prenatal care, delivery, and breastfeeding support and supplies must be covered by insurance. But unfortunately, not all insurance companies are following the law. And some pregnant women face criminal penalties because of what they do when they are pregnant.

What Is NWLC Doing?

We closely monitor insurance providers to make sure they’re following the health care law when it comes to pregnancy care and breastfeeding. Where we find problems, we call them out, so that plans change their practices and women get the care guaranteed by law. We also work with state and federal regulators to make sure they are properly enforcing the law. And we identify and push new policies and practices to further support pregnant women and their access to health insurance and services.

When we hear of pregnant women who have been charged with crimes due to missed prenatal appointments, self-harm, or drug dependency, we get involved. We file briefs with courts and advocate for solutions to these problems that actually improve women’s health, rather than punish women.