All students deserve access to equal educational opportunities. However, girls of color face interconnected, structural barriers that threaten their success in school and beyond.

What’s at Stake Today?

Girls of color are more likely than white girls to face unfair discipline and implicit biases in school. And sexual harassment and violence in school continue to be a problem confronting all girls—especially if they are LGBTQ individuals or people of color. Yet the experiences of girls of color and LGBT students with sexual harassment and violence are too often overlooked. These traumatizing experiences harm students’ educational outcomes and their physical and mental well-being.  Instead of providing comprehensive student-support services,  too often, schools inappropriately use police or out-of-school suspensions and expulsion to  punish students. The result? Students are pushed out of school and into the juvenile and criminal justice system. In short, too many schools are failing to provide safe, healthy, and inclusive environments to all students, jeopardizing their future economic security.


What’s NWLC Doing?

We advocate for trauma-informed policies and practices that support the needs of all students—regardless of gender. We work with students, parents, and educators who are demanding more for girls of color. Together with their help, we are highlighting barriers, proposing gender-responsive policies, and taking action at the state and federal level to ensure all students have equal educational opportunities.