Let Her Learn: Resources for Policymakers

You Can Make a Difference: Sign the Pledge

Our Let Her Learn: Stopping School Pushout reports show that too many girls are being pushed out of school because of unfair discipline practices, or because they’re not getting the support they need to deal with trauma and other challenges they face. Take the Let Her Learn pledge, and find out how students like you can help end school pushout here.

Four Ways Policymakers Can Let Her Learn

Policymakers may not see students everyday, but if you’re directly involved with the drafting and passing of legislation at the local, state, or federal level, your actions can be make-or-break for some of your youngest constituents: school-aged girls.


What Happens When Girls Don’t Graduate From High School?

Research shows that girls want to graduate from high school; they are just not offered enough support to be successful. The National Women’s Law Center Let Her Learn Survey found that not only do girls want to finish high school, but 86 percent of girls are interested in a four year college and 67 percent are interested in graduate school.