Let Her Learn: Resources for Families

You Can Make a Difference: Sign the Pledge

Our Let Her Learn: Stopping School Pushout reports show that too many girls are being pushed out of school because of unfair discipline practices, or because they’re not getting the support they need to deal with trauma and other challenges they face. Take the Let Her Learn pledge, and find out how students like you can help end school pushout here.

5 Ways Families Can Let Her Learn

Every kid needs at least one adult in their life who is always in their corner. Be a champion for the girls in your life. Make sure that they know you’ve got their back no matter what, that you’ll believe them and stand up for them when they need you the most, and that you’ll be on their side if they’re being treated unfairly at school (or anywhere else).

Why We Need Title IX to Let Her Learn: A Parent’s Perspective

Schools must take the initiative to eliminate sexual harassment and assault, first by acknowledging that these problems exist. The next step is to involve the entire school community in the solution.

It’s Just My Face

Maybe I don’t smile as much as everyone else; it doesn’t mean I have an attitude. It’s the face I have when I’m relaxed. It’s the face I have when I’m alone or when I’m with others. It’s just my face. Do you have to comment on it? Why actually make me mad when there is nothing I’m even mad about?

My School District Over-Punishes Girls of Color. Does Yours?

For girls of color especially, being suspended for small things like dress code violations or chewing gum was all too common for us. I thought campus security intruding during class and escorting students out was normal, but wow, I was wrong!”