February 11, 2021

#FreeBritney…and All Women.

We Deserve a Podcast: Pop culture is definitely, absolutely tied to gender justice so you should feel very fine indulging yourself any and all celebrity gossip, in fact you’ll be a better feminist if you do.  We are back—and notably

February 10, 2021

Why Collecting Data Is So Important for Advancing Equity

On January 20th, President Biden signed an Executive Order on Advancing Racial Equity. The EO creates an initiative to advance equity and equal opportunity across government agencies and programs. As part of this initiative, the Equitable Data Working

February 1, 2021

We Can’t Afford a Relief Package That Is Too Small

A group of Senate Republicans sent a letter to President Biden yesterday, stating that they are working on a counterproposal to the COVID relief legislation that is currently being developed. The letter indicated that the package they would

January 27, 2021

The EITC Is a Lifeline for Women of Color and Their Families, but It Could Do More

Today is Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Awareness Day, named for the refundable federal tax credit that boosts the incomes of low- and moderate-income working people and their families. The size of a person’s EITC credit depends on income level and how many eligible children they claim, with a maximum value of $6,660 for

January 21, 2021

Fired for Fighting Racism: NWLC Leads Amicus Brief in Support of Employee at Religious School

In January 2021, NWLC, alongside our law firm partner Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, and 37 other organizations, filed an amicus brief in the 10th Circuit, making clear that religious employers cannot unilaterally strip workers of

January 15, 2021

Critical Help for Women and Families: What You Need to Know About the Tax Credit Expansions in Biden’s Proposed COVID Relief Plan

We are now in 2021, in the 11th month of a devastating pandemic and economic crisis that has disproportionately harmed women of color (and women overall), but women and families still have not received the help they need. Women of color especially continue to

December 21, 2020

Here’s What We Learned From Survivors Coming Forward to the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund

Three years ago, the hashtag #MeToo went viral and fueled a cultural reckoning leading millions of people to disclose sexual harassment and assault, many for the very first time. The TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund emerged

December 21, 2020

NWLC Leads Amicus Brief Against Idaho Law That Targets Trans Women and Girls and Harms All Female Students

The National Women’s Law Center, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights, Hogan Lovells, and 60 additional organizations committed to racial and gender justice and LGBTQ rights, filed an amicus brief in Hecox v. Little, a case

December 17, 2020

For the Movement: Justice & Joy in 2020

In a year that will forever be measured by the simple fact that we survived, the Law Center surged, pivoted, innovated, and zoomed our way to change for women and girls. Whether leading the fight for COVID relief, launching groundbreaking

December 17, 2020

For the Culture: Justice & Joy in 2020

It feels like years since I saw memes and tweets about entering the new year and decade with “20/20 vision,” but no one saw this year coming. There is no silver lining we can paint to alleviate the

December 16, 2020

Will Democracy Keep Black Girls Safe?: The Counseling Not Criminalization in Schools Act

Police were first stationed in U.S. schools was around 1948, to intimidate Black students who integrated what were once all-white schools. Unfortunately, school-based police still play a similar role today. The increase of police officers placed in schools these last 70 years has led to higher rates of arrests for normal, childlike behavior, not for criminal activity. In 2019, the FBI released data showing nearly 30,000 children under the age

December 3, 2020

Will Democracy Keep Black Girls Safe?: The Ending PUSHOUT Act

The Ending Punitive, Unfair, School-based Harm that is Overt and Unresponsive to Trauma (PUSHOUT) Act, H.R. 5325, was introduced in the House of Representatives on December 1, 2019 by Representatives Ayanna Pressley, Bonnie Watson Coleman, and Ilhan Omar to address discriminatory