New polling that the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) conducted with Morning Consult in September 2023 shows that most Americans want employers to provide salary or wage information to job seekers and/or employees—also known as pay range transparency.  

  • When looking for a job, nearly three in five (58%) adults prefer job postings that include a pay range for the position.  
  • Three in five (60%) adults support implementing pay range transparency practices in their workplace. 

Pay range transparency empowers employees and job applicants by giving them information that aids their job search and pay negotiations and encourages employers to evaluate their pay practices to ensure they are offering fair wages. 

Employers may benefit from displaying pay ranges. Our polling data shows that pay range transparency increases job applicants’ interest in applying for a job, improves their perceptions of employer brand, and ultimately increases job applications. 

Pay transparency has been on the rise nationally, but still, too few employers are sharing pay ranges in job postings.  

Now is the time for policymakers to ensure workers and employers all benefit from pay range transparency. 

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