New polling National Women’s Law Center conducted with Morning Consult in December 2023 shows that people in Maine want employers to provide pay ranges for positions to job seekers and/or employees—also known as pay range transparency. Among adult respondents in Maine: 

  • Over two-thirds (67%) support implementing pay range transparency practices at their own workplace.  
  • Over half (51%) prefer job postings with a pay range when applying for a job. 

Maine employers can also benefit from displaying pay ranges. Our polling shows that pay range transparency increases job applicants’ interest in applying for a job, improves their perceptions of the employer’s brand, and ultimately increases job applications. 

Pay transparency has been on the rise nationally, but still, too few employers are sharing pay ranges in job postings.  

  • Over two-thirds (68%) of adult respondents in Maine have never worked for an employer who shares pay ranges associated with job postings for open roles. 


Now is the time for policymakers to ensure that all job seekers and businesses in Maine benefit from pay range transparency.  

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