September 11, 2019

Five Things You Should Know About Second Circuit Nominee Steven Menashi

Steven Menashi is Trump’s latest pick for a lifetime position as a judge on the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. Nominated by Trump in August, Republicans are trying to rush him through the nominations process so

November 14, 2019

Thank you, Congress, for Putting Patients First

In May, the Trump-Pence Administration finalized a rule that would allow a provider’s personal beliefs to dictate patient care. This week, Congress is fighting back. Members of Congress are joining together to introduce the Put Patients

November 8, 2019

We Won Our Lawsuit: Another Loss for the Trump-Pence Administration, Another Victory for Patients’ Rights and the Rule of Law

The National Women’s Law Center teamed up with lawyers from Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Democracy Forward Foundation, and the firm Covington & Burling to represent Planned Parenthood in a lawsuit brought in federal court in

November 5, 2019

Welcome to the Gender Cost Gap: What’s Driving Rising Prices for Low-Income Women?

You’ve heard of the gender wage gap – welcome to the gender cost gap. We already know that women on average only make 82 cents to the average man’s dollar. For women of color it’s even

November 2, 2019

What Abortion Actually Is About

I’m going to be frank: I’m sick and tired of having to justify why we need to be able to get an abortion. I’m tired of the constant reasons we need to give and soul-baring we need to

September 16, 2019

This Latinx Heritage Month, We Look to Our Heritage of Healing

When I thought about this Latinx Heritage Month, it was hard to get in a celebratory mood. Of course, I celebrate the beauty, strength, creativity, and power of the Latinx community year-round. But it felt wrong

October 31, 2019

Let HUD Give Survivors of Domestic Violence Fewer Protections from Housing Discrimination? Not in This House!

This is part of an ongoing series “Help More Domestic Violence Survivors Survive By.“  October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Unfortunately, Trump’s Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has proposed a rule, entitled, “HUD’s Implementation of the Fair Housing Act’s Disparate Impact

October 24, 2019

Trump’s Refusal of Care Rule: We Took Him to Court, Here’s What You Need to Know

UPDATE: VICTORY!!! On November 6, the federal court in New York ruled to strike down the refusal of care rule in its entirety. The following day, a federal court in Washington state did the same. The

October 24, 2019

More to Lose? How Climate Anxiety and Activism is Tied to Gender and Race

If you’re anything like me, watching Our Planet, the live-action version of The Lion King, or this illustrated video makes you immediately break into tears. As a Monterey Bay native, who grew up with conservation messages

October 17, 2019

Domestic Violence Isn’t Just a Straight Women’s Issue

October is both LGBTQ History Month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month. For many of us in the LGBTQ community, the overlap between these two months is deeply personal. The first time that my ex-partner struck me

October 16, 2019

Reasons to Hold Onto Hope in the Three Recent LGBTQ Workers’ Rights Cases at the Supreme Court

When I left home and headed to the U.S. Supreme Court early on the morning of October 8, 2019, I was excited to be in the courtroom during the oral arguments for three important LGBTQ workers’

October 15, 2019

Courts Halt Final “Public Charge” Rule

On Friday, federal courts in three states blocked implementation of the final “public charge” regulation issued by the Department of Homeland Security. Just as a reminder, this is the final rule that would make immigrant families

October 15, 2019

#MeToo Two Years Later: Three Ways People Are Creating Real Change, Right Now

It’s been two years since #MeToo went viral and countless survivors have shouldered the burden of sharing their stories and advocating for accountability from our institutions.  But has anything actually changed?   Yes! And not just in Hollywood.  Motivated by the brave survivors and workers

October 11, 2019

Healing Communities in the Face of Fear: Celebrating Latinx Early Educators

“Through challenges they have found solace and strength in one another and extended arms of support to the children and families that pass through their doors.” – our partners at All Our Kin on the work