April 1, 2018

Stacking the Bench: Trump’s Dangerous Judicial Nominees

Federal courts decide legal rights and principles of critical importance to women, including the right to privacy, equal protection, anti-discrimination protections at work and at school, and protections for health and safety. Federal judges’ interpretation of

July 18, 2018

ICYMI: Poverty Is Still a Thing

Last week, the Council of Economic Advisors released a report that made a number of extremely specious assertions, including that “our War on Poverty is largely over and a success.” Contrary to a recent, scathing United

July 16, 2018

Sorry, Not Sorry: Our Generation Cares About Reproductive Rights

As the legal interns for the Reproductive Rights and Health team at the National Women’s Law Center, we were given the opportunity to rally not once, not twice, but three times outside of the Supreme Court

July 16, 2018

Organizations Working to Support Family, Friend and Neighbor Child Care Meet at NWLC

In June, the National Women’s Law Center hosted its annual gathering of organizations that work to support Family, Friend, and Neighbor (FFN) child care providers across the country. FFN providers—generally, are providers who care for children

July 13, 2018

No #FalseChoice Here: Let’s Give Workers the Paid Leave They Deserve

Why are Republican lawmakers telling us we have to make a choice between financial security when we temporarily leave work to have a child or care for a sick family member, or financial security when we

November 13, 2017

A Tax Plan That Hurts Women and Families

July 13, 2018

Victory for Birth Control In Delaware!

Today we want to give Delaware a big #shoutout for passing Senate Bill 151 which takes birth control coverage to the next level! via GIPHY Delaware is a great example of how states can guarantee women

July 13, 2018

D.C. Councilmembers Turn Back on D.C. Voters and Tipped Workers

Earlier this week, DC Council Chair Philip Mendelson and a majority of his colleagues on the 13-member Council quietly introduced a bill to repeal Initiative 77, a measure to raise wages for tipped workers in the

July 13, 2018

Why We’re Suing The Trump-Pence Administration and the University of Notre Dame, as Told by Gifs

You may have heard that we’re suing the Trump-Pence administration and the University of Notre Dame over their attacks on birth control, but you might not know the exact legal reasons why. Our gif(t) to you

July 10, 2018

Three Things You Should Know About Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

On Monday, President Trump announced Judge Brett Kavanaugh as his pick to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh came from Trump’s nominee shortlist, which means he passed the egregious litmus test required by

July 6, 2018

Attention to State Child Care Subsidy Systems Essential to Building the Supply of High-Quality Child Care and Supporting Families with Infants and Toddlers

This post originally appeared on the BUILD Initiative’s website.  Advocates striving to ensure that all families—especially low-income families—have access to high-quality child care for their infants and toddlers should focus on strengthening their state’s core child

July 6, 2018

Unemployment Is Still Bad for Workers

The unemployment rate is up. And (what a surprise) women of color have been hit the hardest. At least, that’s what numbers from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) say. On Friday, BLS released jobs

July 6, 2018

Senator Bernie Sanders Highlights Problems With Child Care Policy in the United States

Many families in communities across the country lack access to high-quality, affordable child care.  Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders recently posted an insightful video to twitter that highlights how this issue is playing out in his home

July 6, 2018

Consequences of Janus v. AFSCME: Devastating for All Women and Across Generations

Last week, the Supreme Court delivered a huge blow to labor unions, which will affect the working conditions for my soon-to-be retired mother and my sister who is a soon-to-be graduate. In a 5-4 decision, the