Thanks to the health care law, women have coverage for critical health services, like maternity care, prescription drugs, and chronic disease management. And the law provides no-cost coverage of contraception, breastfeeding supplies, and well-woman visits.

What’s at Stake Today

For decades, many women struggled to get health insurance coverage for basic needs ranging from prenatal care to newborn care to prescription drugs. But the health care law changed all that. Now insurance companies are required to cover these essential services. Unfortunately, some companies are violating the law. And some politicians are trying to cut back on these important benefits.

What Is NWLC Doing?

Health insurance providers have a mixed record when it comes to complying with the law. Our analysts study providers’ plans to make sure they’re covering the key benefits for women that the law requires. And when they don’t, we call them out ― so that women can make sure they’re getting the coverage they need and state and federal regulators can take action.

We also work to make sure women and their families know about the important benefits that Obamacare offers, from well-woman visits to breastfeeding support. And our CoverHer campaign helps women who are having trouble getting their birth control or other services covered, whether it’s because a pharmacy keeps charging a co-pay for birth control or an insurer says it won’t cover a breast pump.

And we fight back against attempts by politicians to take away these critical benefits from women.