Child care providers, who are overwhelmingly women, care for and educate the next generation while making it possible for today’s parents to earn a living. They deserve fair pay and good working conditions.

What’s at Stake Today

Millions of families depend on child care every day. But often, despite the importance of the work they do, child care providers face low wages, limited opportunities, and inadequate benefits. Child care providers who work in home settings — including both paid and unpaid caregivers, many of whom are family, friends or neighbors of the children they care for — are an integral part of the child care system, yet can face particular challenges obtaining fair pay and benefits..

What Is NWLC Doing?

The vast majority of home-based child care providers are women — and most of them have very low earnings. But there are efforts to support these caregivers in negotiating for better pay and working conditions, including by joining unions. This movement has already helped the child care workforce improve their pay, benefits, and working conditions.

We’re working alongside advocates and child care providers to make the case for how essential these improvements are to the child care system — not only for child care workers, but also for the children and families they serve. We are also working with state and local organizations to identify effective strategies for supporting providers, including family, friend, and neighbor providers.