For many parents, paying for high-quality child care is a major struggle. But with help, women can get the care they need to keep working ― and children can get a strong start toward success.

What’s at Stake Today

For parents, getting ― and keeping ― a job is essential to support their families. High-quality child care helps parents keep working and helps their children grow and thrive. But the cost of care can be prohibitive, especially for women who work in low-wage jobs. Many families are eligible for help in paying for child care ― but unfortunately, many of them don’t get the assistance they should.

What Is NWLC Doing? 

Many families need help paying for child care. The good news is, child care assistance is available, especially for low-income families. We’re committed to making sure families can get the help they’re eligible for to offset the high cost of much-needed care.

The major federal child care program, the Child Care and Development Block Grant, gives states the funds to help families pay for the care they need. But we’ve got to make sure the funding is enough to help all the families who depend on it ― and we’ve got to monitor state policies so that they meet the needs of low-income families, who often have difficult work schedules and other challenges that can make it tough to get reliable, quality care.

That’s exactly what we do at NWLC. We work with lawmakers to improve child care assistance policies ― and each year, we analyze how states are doing when it comes to helping families get access to the care they need. Because child care can helpchildren, families and communities prosper ― but only if it’s accessible to them.