Help Us Fight Back Against Efforts to Roll Back Gender Justice

Extremist judges will not stop endangering the lives of pregnant people or people who may become pregnant—overturning Roe v. Wade, attacking medication abortion, threatening the future of IVF, and this week at SCOTUS, emergency abortion care.

Our lawyers are waging strategic fights that make clear what is at stake for people who can become pregnant and seek to bolster our fundamental rights to control our lives, futures, and destinies.

Make a donation to the National Women’s Law Center to power the fight for accessible health care and a better future for all. Every donation is 100% tax-deductible.

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With seven in ten mothers in the workforce today, child care is essential. Families need affordable, high-quality child care and early learning so parents can keep working and children can get a strong start.

Child Care

High-quality child care gives children the boost they need to succeed in school and gives parents support to be productive at work — but only if they have access to the care they need.

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Child Care Implementation

In March 2018, Congress approved a historic $2.37 billion increase in the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG), the major federal child care program. These funds are sorely needed to fill longstanding gaps.

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Head Start

Head Start provides high-quality early education to children from low-income families. It has helped millions of children build skills to succeed and millions of parents play a key role in their children’s futures.

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Parents, Children & Low-Paid Jobs

Millions of parents across the country work in jobs where low wages, unfair scheduling practices, and minimal benefits make it difficult to meet both work and caregiving responsibilities. And the parents most likely to find themselves…

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“Any attempt to bring our economy back from this recession will be hollow if it fails to value and strengthen the child care industry and its workers.”
Newsweek (April 2020)

Melissa Boteach Vice President for Income Security and Child Care/Early Learning


Angela and Patrice: A Grandparents Day Conversation About Child Care

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Patty and Megan: Two Generations of Mothers On the Need for Affordable Child Care

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