Federal Budget Battles Put Women and Families at the Forefront

By Maribel Ramos, Director of Federal Government Relations at the National Women’s Law Center

Women and families have been consistently undervalued since our country’s inception. Too often, investments in housing, affordable and quality healthcare, child and elder care, paid family and medical leave—all of which allow women and families to thrive—are the first to get cut when lawmakers talk of “cutting wasteful government spending” or “balancing the budget.”

President Joe Biden’s most recent budget proposal bucks that historical trend in a big way.

Here at the National Women’s Law Center, we believe that robust spending on family-focused programs should be prioritized and celebrated—not left to die on the cutting room floor. In fact, by spending more on families’ well-being, children are healthier and our economy and communities are stronger and more equitable.

As a result of years of advocacy, more lawmakers are beginning to realize the importance of protecting and boosting investments in these programs, as seen in President Biden’s 2024 proposed federal budget.

Not surprisingly, House Republicans released their own “competing” budget proposal for 2025 that’s in stark contrast to President Biden’s. Digging into the details, it becomes obvious which budget puts children and families first, and which budget is beholden to wealthy special interests.