Maryland’s Pay Range Transparency Bill Delivers a Win-Win for Workers and Employers

(Washington, D.C.)  Today, Maryland Governor Wes Moore signed pay range transparency bill HB 649/SB 525, which requires employers to list pay ranges in job postings. The law will go into effect on October 1, 2024. Maryland joins six other states and D.C. that have passed similar pay range transparency legislation, which benefits both workers and employers.

Polling from the National Women’s Law Center/Morning Consult revealed that 74% of Marylanders favor pay transparency and 53% have avoided applying to a job opening because it did not list a pay range.

The following is a statement by Andrea Johnson, NWLC Director of State Policy & Strategy:

“Marylanders received game-changing news today: Pay ranges will soon emerge from a black box, giving job applicants key information that will help them decide which jobs to apply for—and, if offered a job, applicants and employers will be able to negotiate more fairly with each other. Pay discrimination thrives in secrecy. This new law levels the playing field for all workers, but especially for women and people of color, who for too long have been shortchanged when employers set pay in the dark. Businesses in Maryland—and across the country—are also touting the benefits of pay transparency because it helps them attract applicants, retain talent, and save time and costs in hiring. Pay transparency is a solid win-win for workers and employers. That’s exactly why an exciting pay transparency movement is building momentum across the U.S.”