NWLC Applauds Federal Trade Commission’s Non-Compete Ban

(Washington, D.C.) Today, the Biden Administration’s Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued new regulations that bar employers from imposing or enforcing non-compete agreements on the vast majority of workers throughout the country—which will benefit workers, their families, and our economy.

The following is a statement by Emily Martin, Chief Program Officer for the National Women’s Law Center: 

“Non-compete clauses particularly harm women and people of color, who are overrepresented in low-paid jobs in which workers lack meaningful bargaining power. Ending the widespread use and abuse of these coercive, anti-competitive arrangements—which contribute to the consolidation of corporate power at workers’ expense—will help shift power to working people across the United States. By providing greater opportunities for workers to switch jobs, assert their rights in the workplace, bargain for higher compensation and better opportunities, and launch entrepreneurial endeavors, the FTC’s rule will increase pay for millions of workers across the country—with particularly profound benefits for women and people of color, including a likely reduction in racial and gender wage gaps. We commend the FTC for adopting this critically needed policy.”