This webinar was intended to equip attorneys to assist students when they file complaints of harassment and discrimination with their school. Our goal was to help ensure that more students receive the legal assistance they need to remain in school and thrive — instead of suffering a Title IX violation and having no recourse but to sue for damages under a difficult liability standard.

The topics covered in the webinar included:

  • What sexual harassment looks like in K-12 and higher education
  • How to protect victims from common forms of discipline and retaliation
  • How to ensure victims receive necessary accommodations to remain and succeed in school
  • How to represent victims in school Title IX investigations
  • And much more

The speakers were:

  • Venkayla Haynes, Community Organizer and Survivor Advocate (she/her)
  • Carly Mee, Senior Staff Attorney, SurvJustice (she/her)
  • Cari Simon, Esq., Fierberg National Law Group (she/her)
  • Elizabeth Tang, Counsel, National Women’s Law Center (she/her)

To request a copy of the slideshow presentation for this webinar, please email [email protected].