From establishing the right to full reproductive health care to protecting students from sexual harassment in school, our nation’s courts have played a key role in ensuring equality and opportunity for women and families.

What’s at Stake Today

In recent years, we’ve seen blockbuster court cases deeply affecting women on issues ranging from pregnancy discrimination to health care to equal pay. But a number of cases raising issues important to women and families are yet to be decided, and we must protect past gains in cases affecting the legal rights of women for generations to come.

What Is NWLC Doing?

Over the last four decades, the federal courts have given life and meaning to legal rights for women ― including the right to make personal decisions about their reproductive health, the right to equal opportunities in the workplace and schools, and a broad range of other legal protections that promote women’s well-being and safety.

Major cases affecting women’s rights are heard in the federal court system every year. We enforce women’s hard-won legal rights and advance new protections by bringing and participating in key cases all the way to the Supreme Court.