The power of pay transparency can change the way we live our everyday lives and be an important step in closing the wage gap. We spend so much time at work and it’s time to have clarity and transparency on the pay that’s earned. That is why the National Women’s Law Center is introducing Paychecked. Join us as we explore new ways for employers to commit to pay transparency like having pay ranges on job listings and highlight their commitment to pay transparency for the good of women, children, and families. 

We are changing how employers and everyday people look at job postings. We know that pay discrimination thrives in the shadows.  Pay range transparency holds employers accountable to set fair pay. And we know that negotiations are unfavorable to women as women who negotiate are perceived negatively. Research shows that when job applicants are clearly informed about the context for negotiations, like the range of pay, these gender differences in negotiation outcomes diminish, which could help narrow gender and racial wage gaps.

These resources are not only for employers but for anyone who wants to stop pay inequities and become advocates for pay transparency. Check out our resources on why pay transparency matters, what you should know about pay ranges, and why talking about pay is important to close the wage gap and pay inequities.