Posted on February 3, 2015

The following is a statement about President Obama’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2016 by Nancy Duff Campbell, Co-President of the National Women’s Law Center:

 “President Obama’s budget is a smart plan to expand opportunity and increase economic security for women and their families. It makes major investments in child care and early education and post-secondary education—essential to success in a 21st century economy.  It supports fair treatment for women in the workplace, including a higher minimum wage and paid leave—and funds enforcement of civil rights and worker protection laws. It ends the harsh and mindless cuts to programs like housing assistance, services for the elderly and job training that help low-income families—disproportionately headed by women—meet their basic needs and have a chance at a better life.  It expands tax credits for low- and moderate-income families—and curbs tax breaks for very wealthy investors, corporations and large financial institutions.

“It builds on the achievements of the Affordable Care Act, which continues to provide high-quality, affordable health care coverage to millions of women and their families. It increases funding for critical family planning services through the Title X program and evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention programs, and it drops the current ban on the District of Columbia using its own local revenue for abortions for low-income women.  Unfortunately, however, it requires new Medicare enrollees, the majority of whom are women, to pay higher costs and fails to lift the other federal restrictions that withhold insurance coverage of abortion from women.

“Although some in Congress have declared this budget ‘Dead on Arrival’ because it allegedly spends too much, it is far more fiscally responsible than the budget passed by the House last year.  And after years of stagnant wages, budget cuts and growing inequality, this budget is a fiscally modest and sensible plan that allows more to share in the nation’s growing prosperity.” 




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