Our budgets–and how we raise the revenues to support them–reveal our priorities. NWLC fights for a budget that centers and invests in women–particularly women of color and women with low incomes–and for a fair, progressive tax system that would expand opportunity for all of us.

Child Care Tax Strategies

Paying for child care can be a major burden for many families. But federal and state tax credits can help some working parents offset their child care expenses.

Family Tax Credits

Family tax credits, which are designed to help low-wage workers boost their earnings and meet their expenses, can make a huge difference in the lives of women and families.

Federal Budget

The federal budget is a statement of values–where we make investments reveals what we value as a nation. We need a federal budget that prioritizes the well-being and future success of women and their families–centering the

Federal Tax Policy

The primary function of the federal tax code is to collect tax revenues to fund our shared national priorities–including health care, education, child care, and programs and services that meet basic needs and help women and
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