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Tax the Patriarchy

We get it, the tax code is complicated, but we can fix it.

Set the

Choose how to
tax the rich

$1.9 trillion

Tax their wealth (all the money, property, stock, and other assets they own)

$361 billion

Tax their income from wealth (from things like stocks and investments)

$220 billion

Tax fortunes passed down across generations.




Now choose which investments you'd like to make with the money we raised from taxing billionaires.

you Have


Child care

$700 billion

expanded child tax credit

$185 billion

home and community based services

$400 billion

universal paid family and medical leave

$650 billion

accessible and affordable housing

$290 billion

baby bonds

$650 billion

Health care

$57 billion

nutrition assistance

$35 billion

free community college

$45.5 billion

continued support for HBCUs

$10 billion


By taxing the patriarchy, I just got for millions of people. Share this with your friends so they can try to #TaxthePatriarchy too!

For more information about how taxes are a gender and racial justice issue, go to