Picture description: A man and a woman standing in an office. The man is grabbing the woman's hands, while the woman appears to be uncomfortable.

A still from the new “That’s Harassment” campaign.

Employers play an important role in ending our culture of pervasive sexual harassment, and creating safe and equitable workplaces. This means not only strengthening policies and procedures for responding to harassment – whether in offices, in kitchens, or on construction sites — but also preventing sexual harassment in the first place.

Prevention is in the interest of both employers and employees. In addition to improving workplace safety and equality, prevention practices can help avoid the reduction in employee productivity and morale that harassment causes, as well as the costly litigation, settlements, higher insurance premiums, and negative publicity that can result for employers.

That’s why the National Women’s Law Center joined the Ad Council, actor and producer David Schwimmer, writer and director Sigal Avin, and the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) for “That’s Harassment,” a national campaign to empower victims and bystanders to speak out, and to provide tools help employers create a safe work environment.

As part of the campaign, NWLC developed a toolkit with several resources to help employers take action.

We can’t end sexual harassment without changing our culture and institutions, and we can’t do it alone. Everyone – survivor, advocate, policymaker, artist, employee, and employer – has an important role to play in making sure no one has to live or work in fear and silence.

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