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So Hobby Lobby started as that place where you got crafts.

Then it became a Supreme Court case about whether bosses could put their beliefs ahead of the health needs of their employees and deny them birth control coverage.

Then, when the Supreme Court decided that bosses’ religious beliefs could indeed trump the beliefs or health of their employees, some crazy things happened. These 4 were among the craziest:


1) A Kentucky court allowed a print shop to refuse to make t-shirts for an LGBT pride festival.


Everyone knows that screen printing a rainbow on a t-shirt changes your sexual orientation. NOT.


2) When Warren Jeff’s church was accused of illegally employing children, a judge let a witness refuse to testify in the child labor case.


No comment necessary. Because seriously — what is there to say?!


3) An anti-union organization claimed to a court that unionization at a university would violate the school’s religious beliefs.

We thought things like an 8-hour work day were a pretty basic aspect of worker’s rights and keep employees happy and healthy. But what do we know?


4) After a bill was passed to prevent employers in D.C. from firing their employees for their reproductive health decisions, 8 organizations said because of the Hobby Lobby decision, they would continue to fire employees if they wished.

And just what are those reproductive health reasons?

Taking birth control, using in vitro fertilization, having sex outside of marriage (yes – this can literally get you fired)… you know, the basics of reproductive autonomy.


It seems like people making these cases spent a little too much time in Hobby Lobby’s glue aisle. It’s time to gather your yarn and, to paraphrase RuPaul, crochet away from these dangerous precedents. 

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