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State: Wyoming


12.8% of women in live in poverty. The national figure is 12.0%.

30.6% of single mothers in Wyoming live in poverty.

National figure: 35.6%

11.5% of women 65 and older in Wyoming live in poverty.

National figure: 10.6%

Wage Gap

Women in typically make $0.70 for every dollar paid to men. The national figure is $0.82 .

Wage gap data for Black women in Wyoming is not available.

National figure: $0.63

Latina women in Wyoming typically make 52 cents for every dollar paid to white men.

National figure: $0.54

Health Insurance

13.6% of women aged 19-64 in are uninsured. Nationally, 11.0% are uninsured.

14.5% of women of reproductive age (18-54) in Wyoming are uninsured. 

National figure: 11.3%

14.1% of women in Wyoming reported not receiving health care at some point in the last 12 months due to cost.

National figure: 13.3%