Families depend on women’s wages more than ever, but women working full time, year round are typically paid less than men working full time, year round. For Latinas the wage gap is even larger than for women overall, with Latinas working full time, year round typically making only 57 cents for every dollar white, non-Hispanic men make. The full-time, year-round wage gap for Latinas varies widely by state.

However, the wage gap for full-time, year-round workers doesn’t fully reflect the economic disparities faced by Latinas. The full-time, year-round wage gap leaves out those who were unemployed or out of the labor force for part of 2022, or who worked part time, even if they wanted full-time work. When part-time and part-year workers are included in the comparison, Latinas were typically paid only 52 cents for every dollar paid to white, non-Hispanic men in 2022.  This disparity varies widely by state.