Millions of people across the country face challenges in feeding their families. Many people are just one job loss, one schedule downgrade, or one sickness away from needing SNAP to help feed their families. SNAP is critical in filling this need and is also essential to women, who make up 63 percent of SNAP adult recipients. SNAP serves a diverse group of people of every race, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, and disability status in rural, suburban, and urban areas of the United States.

Current administrative and legislative proposals to change SNAP would harm women and families. In particular, the House Farm Bill threatens food security for millions of women and families by proposing to:

  • restrict categorical eligibility, which would cause some working women and families to lose access to SNAP and would increase administrative burdens for many others;
  • eliminate the connection between SNAP and LIHEAP, which would cut SNAP benefits for many families; and
  • expand harmful work requirements.
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