The federal budget sets our nation’s priorities ― and it’s always a battle to make sure programs for women and families aren’t shortchanged.

What’s at Stake Today

For some lawmakers, putting together the federal budget is an exercise in slashing trillions from programs for low and moderate-income families—and proposing costly new tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations. We’ve got to fight for investments that reduce poverty and help families get ahead.

What Is NWLC Doing?

Because women and their families are at higher risk of poverty, they disproportionately rely on federal programs to protect their health, obtain quality child care and higher education, and help them meet basic needs during difficult times and as they age.

Each year, we’re deep in the trenches when it comes time to negotiate the federal budget. We work with lawmakers and advocates to make sure they understand what these programs mean to women’s lives. And we show how closing tax loopholes for the wealthy and corporations could finance the investments we need.