Before we shout, “Happy Pride Month!!!,” we want to take a moment to recognize that things have been hard this year. We’re living through a traumatic and terrifying wave of anti-LGBTQI+ hatred—from the hundreds of proposed legislative attacks on LGBTQI+ people’s rights to exist, to alarming and increasing threats of violence against LGBTQI+ events like drag and Pride events, to extremists advocating for the eradication of trans people. 

In recognition of these difficult times, this Pride Month, we’re pulling together reminders of the progress we’ve made to remind us how far we’ve come, some resources on the rights of LGBTQI+ people to help keep our communities safe, in addition to spotlighting the voices of trans and queer advocates and our allies to remind us that there is still so much queer joy in collective resistance. 

So, from all of us at NWLC, we wish you a Pride that brings you laughter, that celebrates your chosen family, that represents resistance and rage, that keeps you safe, that is intersectional, that brings you rest, and that brings you joy.