In recent months, extremists have pushed and enacted a wave of anti-LGBTQI+ legislation across the nation, which has, predictably, amplified violence and threats of violence against LGBTQI+ people and their allies. As women’s rights and gender justice organizations, we are deeply disturbed by the Target Corporation’s recent decision to capitulate to these threats by removing some Pride merchandise from its stores in response to this far-right mobilization. Target’s decision to placate extremists is gravely dangerous, because it will only embolden further anti-LGBTQI+ violence. In folding to these threats, Target has essentially told LGBTQI+ people that it is only a fair-weather ally, and that it cannot withstand even a few days of the very same pressure they face their entire lives just by virtue of existing as visibly LGBTQI+—pressure that is even more intense for LGBTQI+ people that occupy multiple marginalized identities, like Black and brown and disabled queer and trans people. We call on Target and all businesses to hold fast against these demands for erasure of LGBTQI+ identities and ask them to send a clear message to the extremists whose goal it is to eradicate LGBTQI+ people: that, no matter the backlash or consequence, Target will pledge solidarity to LGBTQI+ people by continuing to recognize and honor trans, queer, and intersex people’s right to exist as they are, as employees, as community members, and as full participants in public life.


The National Women’s Law Center, joined by
A Better Balance
Black Women’s Roundtable
Clearinghouse on Women’s Issues
Coalition of Labor Union Women, AFL-CIO
Equal Rights Advocates
Feminist Majority Foundation
KWH Law Center for Social Justice and Change
National Employment Law Project
National Organization for Women
National Women’s Political Caucus
Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence
New York Women’s Foundation
Public Justice Center
Sakhi for South Asian Women
Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Women’s Law Project
Workplace Fairness