6 Ways the Trump Administration is “Celebrating” Pride Month

Starting in 2011, Obama officially declared every June pride month during his presidency. But when this June rolled around, we weren’t exactly holding our breath for President “I’m better for the gays” Trump and Vice-President Mike “conversion therapy” Pence to follow suit. It’s probably safe to assume at this point (given it’s the last day of June) that we’re not getting our White House sanctioned pride month – but rest assured the Trump Administration is not letting June go unmarked! How, you ask? Well, it may not be as flashy as a rainbow ensconced White House, but it’s certainly making a huge statement!

1. Meeting with hate groups for Father’s Day

First up to wave that rainbow flag, Betsy DeVos! Nothing says “I’m supportive of LGBTQ people and their families and definitely not a bigot” like inviting a group that thinks that trans people have mental disorders and has campaigned against marriage equality to your meeting about Father’s Day!

2. Erasing non-discrimination statements from federal agency websites

Queers are certainly used to erasure (cue the “I’m so glad you’re such good friends” comments from well-meaning relatives everywhere). Picking up this fun trend, and following in the footsteps of the Department of Labor, the Department of Commerce also deleted an equal employment opportunity statement from its website guaranteeing protection based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Fun!

3. Rolling back civil rights enforcement in education

Betsy DeVos is at it again! Last weekend she proudly announced that the Department of Education will be narrowing the scope of its civil rights investigations, and released an internal memorandum indicating that they’d rather dismiss complaints about transgender student’s access to bathrooms than actually investigate them. What an ally!

4. Trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act

President Trump has been busy supporting a bill even he’s called “mean,” that would take away health care coverage from over 22 million people in order to pay for tax cuts for the rich. It’d be disastrous for everyone, including LGBTQ people, by stripping away critical health coverage like preventive care and barring Medicaid enrollees from accessing care, like STI screenings and treatment or HIV treatment from Planned Parenthood providers. It’s not our favorite Pride tradition, but protesting for access to healthcare is certainly a time-honored one!
Of course, these were just things the Trump Administration did in June – let’s not forget some amazing things they did earlier this year:

5. Removing non-discrimination language from the Affordable Care Act

You know what LGBTQ people don’t need? The ability to access health care without discrimination – and of course the Trump Administration is only too happy to get the ball rolling on that one. Its first step? Removing non-discrimination language from the HHS website that guarantees protection against discrimination in health care based on sex, which protects both women and LGBTQ people.

6. Rescinding the transgender Title IX guidance

At first when it was reported that Betsy DeVos has gay friends (therefore is an LGBTQ ally), we couldn’t believe it. But actions truly speak louder than words, Betsy! She went the extra mile, leaving students across the country scared and confused by rolling back the guidance on how Title IX protects trans kids. We smell a pride parade marshall-ship waiting for you somewhere…
So really, Trump Administration, infinite pride reacts for everything you’ve done for our community that definitely hasn’t resulted in protesting you every spare minute we have. Remember: the first Pride was an uprising led by Black and Latina trans women against police misconduct, and protests are a vital part of queer and trans history.
Happy Pride – now check out our Resistance Guide and send our best to Mike Pence!