What Fighting For Women’s Rights Will Look Like In 2020

“During our last staff meeting of 2019, I told the team at the National Women’s Law Center that I planned to take two full weeks off before we started the new year. I explained how important it was for me to model self-care and encouraged staff to also take time to rest. With 2020 on the horizon, each of us would need to enter this new year focused and recharged.

We have seen many strides and victories for gender justice in the past year, and still, so much is at stake. We’ve barely made it through January and have already seen extensive coverage on Harvey Weinstein’s trial, Donald Trump’s impeachment, sexual violence allegations by 19 women against Russell Simmons, and brand new efforts to give everyone from schools to health providers a license to discriminate against women and LGBTQ people. These challenges are both harrowing and also not new. Racism, genocide, and misogyny are as embedded in the fabric of this country as core principles of justice and fairness.

Yet, I enter this new decade hopeful and clear about the path ahead.”