Tell the Senate: Confirm Judges Committed to Expanding Civil Rights

Extremist judges will not stop endangering the lives of pregnant people or people who may become pregnant—overturning Roe v. Wade, attacking medication abortion, threatening the future of IVF, and now pregnancy accommodations. There are 56 federal judicial vacancies and 30 nominations before the Senate right now.

Tell the Senate to commit to confirming all federal nominees who will defend the rights and well-being of pregnant and postpartum workers, people who can get pregnant, and all women!

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Let Her Learn

Too many girls are being pushed out of school as a result of unfair discipline practices, sexual harassment, and lack of trauma-informed approaches. Find out how you can help eliminate these barriers and Let Her Learn.

WE ARE NOT INVISIBLE: Latina Girls, Mental Health, and Philadelphia Schools


Too many Latina students in Philadelphia are confronting a mental health crisis. Over half of Latina high school girls in Philly feel persistently sad or hopeless. More than one in five considered suicide within the past year. And for LGBTQ Latina girls, the situation is even more dire. That’s why we released WE ARE NOT INVISIBLE: Latina Girls, Mental Health, and Philadelphia Schools.



Find out how parents/guardians & other family members can take action to Let Her Learn.

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Find out how teachers, school leaders, & district leaders can take action to Let Her Learn.

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Find out how local, state, & federal legislators, policy advocates and other policymakers can take action to Let Her Learn.

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Resources for students who want to learn what you can do about school pushout.

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DRESS CODED II: Protest, Progress and Power in D.C. Schools

Headwraps. Coats. Tank tops. These are just a few of the items of clothing keeping girls from their education in DC.

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Let Her Learn: Join the Fight to Stop School Pushout

Schools are unfairly pushing Black girls out. They suspend them for minor stuff—like “having an attitude” or “talking back.”

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Let Her Learn: A Toolkit to Stop School Pushout for Girls Who Have Experienced Sexual Harassment

Use this step-by-step checklist to learn what your rights are, how to change your school’s policies, and where to find help for sexual harassment.

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