As expected, the Trump administration’s budget proposal presents a devastatingly cruel vision for America’s future. If allowed to become official policy, it would strip health care coverage from millions of people, upend our health care system more generally, cut housing and food assistance, undermine public education, and shred many of the programs and agencies that defend the civil and human rights of women, people of color, people with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ community (to say nothing of protecting our overall quality of life). Meanwhile, his budget plan would give trillions (yes, trillions) in tax cuts to corporations and the super rich. Read on to learn more about why this budget would be devastating for women and families, then take action to ensure this cruel vision never becomes reality.


Don’t Be Duped by Trump’s “Paid Leave” Proposal: Trump Is Actually Throwing Working Families Under the Bus

Trump’s budget came out yesterday and included a paid parental leave proposal. Some may use this to try and distract us all from the massive cuts Trump is making to workplace and civil


Trump’s Budget Breaks Campaign Promise Not to Cut Social Security

The budget proposal just released by the Trump Administration is an all-out assault on working families and the most vulnerable among us—low-income people, children, and even disabled workers.


Calling the Trump Budget’s Cuts to Medicaid “Cruel” Barely Begins to Describe It

The Trump Budget’s cuts to Medicaid would be devastating for the health and economic security of low-income women and their families. Should this Budget be realized, its results would send shockwaves across the country:


The President’s Budget Clearly Places Religious and Personal Beliefs Above Patient Health

The Trump Administration has repeatedly stated a commitment to allowing entities that receive taxpayer dollars to deny medical care because of religious beliefs. The HHS budget proposal continues this pattern, specifically reasserting a commitment to “protecting


Trump Wants to Eliminate the Most Important Civil Rights Agency You’ve Never Heard Of

To his growing list of “Ways to Make Life Miserable & the Government Less Effective,” Trump has added a new proposal: eliminate the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) and reassign its functions to the


5 Shocking Things DeVos Said During the Education Budget Hearing

This is a budget that would leave the Department of Education without the resources it needs to help all students—especially our most vulnerable students—achieve success.

The Trump Budget: This Is Not What Greatness Looks Like

Donald Trump’s friends in the top one percent are the only ones who come out winners in his economic plan.
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